House rules

Dear visitors,

we are pleased to welcome you to the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum (LEZ). In order to accommodate all visitors and their interests, and to ensure the safety of the exhibits and the individual elements of the exhibition, it is unavoidable to have certain rules in place. The house rules are binding for all visitors. Visitors are deemed to have accepted the house rules upon entering the LEZ.


House rules

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Ludwig-Erhard-Haus foundation, represented by the employees of LEZ, exercises domiciliary rights. Instructions of the employees are therefore to be obeyed. They serve to make safe and protect the buildings maintained by the LEZ, as well as the exhibition and the individual exhibits. If the house rules or the instructions of the employees are not followed, the persons concerned may be prohibited from staying in or re-entering the building(s).


Admission prices and opening times

The admission fees and opening hours of the LEZ are set by the museum administration. You can read this information at the cash desk. In the event of overcrowding or during special events, the museum may be closed to visitors in whole or in part.

Opening hours begin TUE-SUN at 10 am and end TUE-WEDS and FRI-SUN at 6 pm and THU at 8 pm.

These hours do not apply to the “Ludwig’s Little World” Learning Supermarket, which is open exclusively to pre-registered groups at the agreed-upon times. In addition, open play afternoons for families are held regularly.


The LEZ buildings 

Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum. Animals are not permitted in the LEZ buildings. Excluded from this rule are guide dogs for the blind and companion dogs. The use of skateboards, inline skates, city scooters, etc. is not permitted in the buildings of the LEZ. Passageways and emergency exits are to be kept clear. Emergency exits may only be used in case of emergency.



Our checkroom is available to visitors during the entire opening hours of the LEZ. Bags, backpacks, umbrellas, and other bulky items may not be taken into the exhibition or the Learning Supermarket but must be stored in the checkroom area and the lockers. The use of medically justified walking aids is excluded from this rule. Due to space limitations, there is only limited storage for suitcases. No liability is assumed for the checkroom and the contents of the lockers.


Toilets and changing table

Toilets are located on the first floor of the new building and in the birth house. These toilets are not public sanitary facilities but are reserved exclusively for visitors to the LEZ. A changing table has been installed in the disabled toilet on the first floor of the new building.


Exhibition area

Eating and drinking is not permitted in the exhibition. It is also not permitted to carry liquids in these rooms. Our checkroom is available if you wish to store such items during your visit. Wheelchairs, both manual and electrical ones suitable for indoor use, may be used on our premises. Please keep a safe distance from the exhibits. Touching exhibits is not permitted. In consideration of other visitors, please avoid being noisy or talking loudly. Cell phones are to be turned to silent in the exhibition, or headphones are to be used. Telephoning is not permitted in the exhibition rooms. Only authorized employees of LEZ are allowed to give guided tours through the exhibition.


Supervisory Responsibilities

We are particularly pleased to welcome the youngest visitors to LEZ and ask accompanying persons to ensure that the safety of the exhibition and exhibits is not jeopardized, and that consideration is shown for other visitors. Running, playing noisily and throwing toys are not permitted. Accompanying adults such as teachers, group leaders and legal guardians are responsible for the appropriate behavior of children and young people in their company. The supervisory responsibility remains with teachers, group leaders and legal guardians during the entire visit to the LEZ.


Photos, film and audio recordings

It is permitted to take photographs in the permanent exhibition, as long as this is for private purposes only. In special exhibitions, however, photography is prohibited. Commercial or editorial photo, film and audio recordings require prior written permission from LEZ. Please contact our press office in advance of your visit. Without prior permission from the LEZ, commercial use of all photographs is prohibited, as is the use of additional lights (flash, video lights) and tripods. Taking photos with a tripod or a selfie stick is not permitted. We would like to point out that the publication of photographs on the Internet and in social media does not constitute private use and may violate copyrights. To protect both visitors and the exhibition and exhibits, the museum buildings and the exhibition rooms have video surveillance.


Lost & found

Objects found in the museum should be handed in at the cash desk in the foyer. Found objects will be handled in accordance with the legal provisions.



Visitors are liable for all damage caused by their behavior.


Entry into force of house rules

The house rules entered into force on January 1, 2019. If required, they can be viewed at the cash desk during opening hours. We will be happy to answer any questions or suggestions you may have. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish you a pleasant visit to at the museum.


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