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The supporting society Ludwig-Erhard-Initiativkreis Fürth e.V. seeks to keep alive and promote the memory of Ludwig Erhard in his native city of Fürth. The main focus is Erhard’s contribution to the theoretical conception of the social market economy, and his accomplishment in its practical implementation. The society was founded on May 5, 2002 marking the 25th anniversary of Ludwig Erhard’s death. It cooperates closely with the Ludwig Erhard Stiftung e.V. in Bonn.

The Initiativkreis was the initiator, provider of ideas, and supporter of the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum (LEZ). One of its major achievements was founding the Stiftung Ludwig-Erhard-Haus to purchase and reconstruct the birth house of Ludwig Erhard, and thereby lay the grounding for the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum. The Initiativkreis supports the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum in the manner of a circle of friends. The society is also involved in a variety of projects such as the annual Fürth Ludwig Erhard Award, which is awarded to young, newly graduated researchers. On this occasion, some of the most notable politicians of Germany, including Federal Chancellor Merkel, deliver keynote speeches.

Federal Chancellor Merkel at the presentation of the Fürth Ludwig Erhard Award 2007